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LARGE HDPE Forms / Epoxy Resin Forms - River Table Sizes

LARGE HDPE Forms / Epoxy Resin Forms - River Table Sizes

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These forms are made of 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm HDPE material.

Instructions to use:

1) Make sure that the form is dust free. Use any fresh soft cotton cloth to wipe it off.

2) Apply mold release liquid (or spray) on all inner walls and base of the form. Mineral oil can be used as mold release agent.

2) Select an appropriate size of live edge board(s) that you would like to use for your River Table. Make sure that the board is dust / dirt free.

3) Place the board(s) into the form and clamp them down so that they don't start floating once epoxy resin is poured into it.

4) Mix a small quantity of epoxy resin part A and B in a bowl. Apply a seal coat on the live edge board on all the exposed sides so that the resin soaks into the wood.

5) Mix sufficient quantity of epoxy resin part A and B again and mix colors as required. Pour the mixture into the form until you achieve required thickness.

6) Once poured, use heat gun (away from the mold walls), if required, to get rid of bubbles.

7) Let it sit for at least 24 hrs or more to make sure the epoxy resin is cured.

8) To remove the project from the mold, unclamp the project and lay form upside down. Tap the walls and base of the form with rubber mallet to loosen the bond of the project and the form



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